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  • Mohit Varikuti

    Mohit Varikuti

    Hi! Im a normal person who likes to write about AI/Tech! My Donation link is https://shorturl.at/movC9 in case u want to.

  • Mikhail Volkov

    Mikhail Volkov

    Founder/CEO, Volkov Labs. I am writing about the Grafana platform.

  • Ansible Pilot

    Ansible Pilot

    I help creative Automation DevOps, Cloud Engineer, System Administrator, and IT Professional to succeed with Ansible Technology to automate more things everyday

  • Direktiv


    Direktiv is a cloud native event-driven serverless workflow engine. It easy to use, powerful enough for enterprise and open-source!

  • Yoshiki Fujiwara

    Yoshiki Fujiwara

    ・Cloud Solutions Architect - AWS@NetApp in Tokyo, Japan. #AWS Certified Solution Architect&DevOps Professional, #Kubernetes, ・Opinions are my own.

  • Cloud Journeys with Anindita

    Cloud Journeys with Anindita

    Cloud Architect. Azure, AWS certified. Terraform expert.

  • Netflix Technology Blog

    Netflix Technology Blog

    Learn more about how Netflix designs, builds, and operates our systems and engineering organizations

  • Logan Land

    Logan Land

    I build web things. Sanitize your inputs; rate limit your output. Don’t forget to love each other. Read@Me: https://llbbl.com/

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